Student Led IEPs!

Dear Readers,

I just had a phenomenal student-led IEP. I’ve been working with my students since the beginning of the year and thought it was time for them to put it into practice. Well, my student knocked it out the park with the script that I provided for him. Here is a copy of the script and the I.E.P. Agenda: (Student Led IEP & Agenda)

student led IEP


Let me know what you think. Comment below if you have anything to add!

3 thoughts on “Student Led IEPs!

  1. I teach students that are pretty low functioning and most are non verbal. Having them participate in the way you describe would not work, but i try to get their input into the transition process. But for kids that are high functioning or only have a learning disability, this is perfect. And that is because once they get to college, if they are going, they need to be able to advocate for themselves, so this is wonderful practice.

  2. Thank you for saying so. I teach them self-advocacy from week 1. Although there are some that take time to advocate for themselves, most of my students are involved in some type of self-advocacy.

  3. I am a team chair person at an urban high school. I recently did some research on student led IEP meetings, but I have not had the pleasure of seeing one unfold in front of me. There are numerous meetings in which the students are completely unaware of the process and not familiar with the contents of their own IEP. I would like to hear more about this topic from you.

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