Resource Lab Curriculum

Dear Readers,

I’m stuck and need help! I have about 100 followers but only about 2 people comment. If I’ve helped you at all, I’d like for you to return the favor. I’m working on my Resource Lab curriculum because I didn’t like the one provided by my organization. I just didn’t feel that it was relevant to what my students needed to know.

So, here is a link to my barebones, work in progress curriculum. I have a long way to go. I could use your input on this. Thanks in advance!

Feel free to comment! I’m open to feedback. Remember to be brutally honest; not mean, just honest.





3 thoughts on “Resource Lab Curriculum

  1. it looks great, although I teach students with severe and pofound disabilities (intellectual and autism) and this would not work for them. My students need daily skills and life skills, including vocational training, as they are not going to college. As for writing, have you looked into AVID strategies? I was AVID trained once upon a time and the teachers worked on a lot of writing skills to prepare students for college. Here’s an article that explains it in greater detail: I would definitely teach some of those skills early on, such as cornell notes, so they can use it in their gen ed classes. I would also teach executive functioning skills early: setting goals, keeping a planner, checklists, etc. You could make certain note taking/writing in your planner mandatory and do checks for these skills, with the hope that they will become automatic. Good luck, looks like the beginning of a terrific outline.

  2. I like your plan. Students with disabilities are often not comfortable with the transition from high school to college or career. Encouraging them to learn about themselves is a needed step. In the high school in which I work, students are in need of a curriculum similar to this.

    I just found your blog today, and I have commented on two posts already. I am interested in seeing how this plans out in the future.

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