Should I or Shouldn’t I? Part 2

Dear Readers,

Substance abuse

This post is an update for a post I wrote a couple of weeks ago regarding one of my students who I wasn’t sure that I wanted to put energy into. I was undecided at the time I wrote the post if I should go out of my way to help him because of his substance abuse problem. Well, I’ve decided that I am going to put energy into him. I just couldn’t give up on him. The main reason is that he is getting the help that he needs. That’s the biggest barrier out of the way. Now that he’s getting help, he’s back to wanting help. He just asked me the other day about helping him to pass his classes. That was one of the best questions I’d been asked all year!

So, the bottom line is that I am putting energy into him. In fact, he’s actually pretty good at analyzing Shakespeare. We’re reading Romeo & Juliet using the No Fear Shakespeare version. I wish I would have started reading the book when the English class started reading but I’ve been so swamped with the number of students I have. Next year will be better though. I’m switching back to only 1/2 of the students. I will have 9th & 10th grade only. Although I got used to the demand of having so many students, it is not something that I wish to try again. I tried taking on most of the teaching, but I definitely do NOT like it.

That’s my update. There’s nothing else to tell. Bye for now!


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