Election Mad, Part 2!

Dear Readers,

So, this is what I was Election mad about. I’m piloting an English Resource class. I, and my fellow Resource co-teacher, were throwing around some ideas with the Principal since the majority of the students were failing English across the board. This is how the class works. I am slated to teach 9/10 English class of Special Education students with a credentialed (or intern) English teacher, while my co-worker is slated to teach 11/12 with the same credentialed teacher. The credentialed English teacher will provide the English expertise while I will provide the Special Education expertise. The students will not have the traditional English class. It’ll be like a Special Day Class (SDC) in a charter school, but just for English.


I feel like I did a lot of talking but I’m not sure if I explained it right. Basically, I’m going to be piloting an English Resource class for students who are fresh out of an SDC or are really low, skill wise, and are not prepared for the rigor and demands of a college ready environment.

I wrote all of that to say that I’m Election mad because my Principal wants to put upward of 20 students in the class. I told her it was too many but she said that I wouldn’t run it like I run my Resource Lab. I was trying to explain to her that that was still too many students, but she was not listening. She thinks she knows about the needs of students with IEPs, but  she really doesn’t. Did I mention that she also wants me to teach 11/12 also?

I’ll make it work, as I always do, but I would like to have a semi-easy year, or at least a year where I don’t feel like quitting. We’ll see how the year plays out. Although it may not seem like it, I’m actually excited about teaching the class- the 9/10 class. I always said that if I wasn’t a Special Education teacher, I would have been an English teacher. I now have my chance.

I’ll keep you updated!


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