Violating My Own Rhythm!

Dear Readers,

I just discovered this meme that perfectly sums up how I feel when I violate my own rhythm. That is to say, that when I do, say, or align with something that my soul doesn’t feel right about, or something that makes me feel “off” and inauthentic.


I am a very, very, very complex person. I need so much down time that I feel that I need another job. I say this because I feel like I cannot cope unless I have much down time. I barely feel like I functioned properly last year because of my caseload of 44/52 students in my school. I made a deal with the other Resource Teacher to do most of the IEPs & compliance issues while I did most of the teaching. That is something I will never do again.

The above reasons are why I need another job. Ever since I’ve been working, I’ve been in search of the perfect job. What I’ve discovered is that the perfect job does NOT exist for me – YET! I need to create it.

This is a partial description of the job that would be perfect for me. It needs to:

  • allow me to work from home when necessary,
  • only work 3-4 days/week,
  • pay approximately the same salary that I’m making now or more,
  • not be a step down, not a lateral move, but an upward move,
  • allow for flexible hours,

I can’t think of anything else right now, but will text more as I think of it! Bye for now!

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