First Day of School! or I Made It!

Dear Readers,

I made it through my first day of school. Everything started out smooth enough. I had a great time with my Advisory. After that my only job was to complete the SpEd Passports, schedule the IEPs in Welligent & some other housekeeping. However, things didn’t work that smoothly. I noticed that some students were added to my 5th Period roster. The only problem was that I was not aware that I was supposed to have a 5th Period class. It was supposed to be 4th Period. This is significant because I was not supposed to have class today (The schedule was Periods 1, 3, & 5 today). The other problem was that I’d planned on making my copies for my 4th Period class, which was supposed to be tomorrow, after school.

Several days at a time

Fast forward 30 seconds to me freaking out! I was super stressed for about 1 minute until I decided to calm down & fix the problem. I made my copies, my powerpoint (Google Slides), & completed my whiteboard configuration. I calmed down and took it all in stride. Once I did that, I was ready for the day!

Whew! Only four more days to go before I can sleep in on Saturday!


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