A Great Work Week!

Dear Readers,

I had a great work week. It felt so good to be able to arrive at work with no one waiting on me. I had two planning days and managed to get so much work completed. I took total advantage of this downtime. First, I relaxed and chilled the first day. That relaxing and chilling took the form of a 90 minute lunch with one of my co-workers.  I have to admit that I did not get a lot completed the first day.


However, today, I posted my digital agenda early, input grades, and submitted my unit plan. I also updated my objectives and aligned them to my standards on my agenda and am thinking about saving it to a folder in addition to housing it in a Google doc. I’m really proud of myself and all that I’ve accomplished in the past couple of years. I’ll keep you posted on any other updates I make!

Here’s the link to my updated agenda (Digital Agenda)!


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