Teach Plus PD @ LMU, Part 2!

Dear Readers,

I wrote earlier about attending a Teach Plus PD @ LMU. Here’s the description from the course syllabus:

Who’s doing more of the speaking in your classroom – you or your students? Speaking is a critical piece of the learning process that is often brushed aside despite its role as an important bridge between thinking and writing. Speaking opportunities allow students to practice their argumentative and analytical skills in order to reach the rigorous expectations of Common Core standards. We will explore various ways of incorporating structured speaking opportunities, in which students draw text-based evidence to form and defend their claims. Participants will engage in debates and Socratic seminars in order to create supports for bringing these activities to their classroom.

teach-plus-logoAfter reading the description, there was no way that I could pass this up. There are four sessions that last until November 5th. There’s an option to earn 1.5 units from LMU for the very reasonable price of $35.

Requirements include:

  1. attending the session for a total of 15 hours (2 Saturday mornings & 2 Wednesday evenings),
  2. reading two chapters of the book (Chapter 1 & 9 of “Building Academic Language” by Jeff Zwiers) and writing a reflection,
  3. completing a final presentation.

I’ll write more later. Bye for now!


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