Teach Plus PD @ LMU, Part 4!

Dear Readers,

At the Teach Plus PD I attended, we also learned about the 3 Levels of Questions. Each level called for the students to use critical thinking, analysis, & synthesis.

teach-plus-logoThese are Level 1 Questions, which are answers that can be found in the text; facts (fully and clearly expressed; leaving nothing implied)

  • What were Cinderella’s slippers made out of?
  • How did Cinderella get to the ball?

Level 2 questions use analysis & inference.

  • Why does Cinderella’s stepmother care whether or not she goes to the ball?
  • Why did everything turn back the way it was except the glass slipper?
  • Why don’t the step sisters like Cinderella?

Level 3 questions or Synthesis, go beyond the text to inquire into the value, importance and application of the information presented. This level focuses on The Big Idea.

  • Does a woman’s salvation always lie with a man?
  • What does it mean to live happily ever after?
  • Does good always overcome evil?

Using these levels of questions helped me to better structure my lessons and add more rigor.


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