Feeling Some Kind of Way!

Dear Readers,

delicate-flowerI’m feeling some kinda’ way about teaching and my life, in general. Although this may seem to contradict my previous posts, it doesn’t. I’m happy with all that I’ve learned and am learning. However, working in a high stress, high pressure environment is just not for me. I’ve discovered that I am a delicate fucking flower. While those who don’t know me may see the image I project, there are those who know me who know that I am not the image I project to the world.

When I saw this shirt, I laughed so hard. That is definitely me- Leila, the Delicate Fucking Flower!iamadelicateflower

2 thoughts on “Feeling Some Kind of Way!

  1. Good morning. I understand that the pressures of your job are getting you down but I do not believe that the use of swear words helps. As far as I am concerned, I found the use of expletives totally unacceptable.

  2. Diane, everyone expresses themselves differently. I don’t recall asking for your or anyone’s permission to express myself. This is how I was feeling and what I expressed. Sorry (not sorry) if it offended you. When you get your own blog, feel free to express yourself how you want or don’t want. This is mine and I will express myself how I see fit.

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