Emotional Turmoil

Dear Readers,

I’ve been going through much emotional turmoil lately. So, I’ve been researching ways to help me through it all. In my research, I happened upon these little tidbits of information.

crying face (KimK)

  • Always remember that emotions come and go, rise and fall.
  • Resistance is the cause of every form of emotional pain.
  • When you stop refusing, defying and fighting against yourself, other people and life, you stop suffering.
  • Honor your emotions for the lessons they bring you in the moment.

I had to write this because I broke down at work today and cried. I didn’t even realize that I was as stressed as I was. I really don’t like crying at work. I think previously thought that it showed weakness. After today I don’t think that anymore. When I cried, members of my team rallied around me, gave me a pep talk, and offered their help.

I guess you learn something new everyday!