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This wonderful post had to be reposted. It’s a long read, but worth it. Thanks Little Red Survivor!

Tessa was an accomplished chef and wonderful hostess, but her sisters in law and mother in law did not appreciate her. They simply believed her husband should have married someone else. No matter how beautifully she set the table or how delicious the food, the conversation with her in-laws was always strained. No one complimented […]

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One Day She…

Dear Readers,                                                                                                                                  After writing a post on Facebook yesterday and then seeing this memory today, I realized that I was wrestling with finding my voice. The beauty (and synchronicity) of all this is that I actually wrote this post three years on my Facebook page in response to rediscovering my voice. While looking back, I realized that I deal with the same things around the same time. Right now, I’m trying to figure out how knowing this information can be used to my advantage.

Below, is what I wrote in response to this pic:


I am enjoying being me and loving EVERY single minute of it. I’ve rediscovered that I have a voice. I’m not talking about my singing voice. I’m talking about ME! MY VOICE! My voice that I’ve recently discovered after years of having lost it. The voice that says I CAN & believes it; knows it with my whole being. The voice that knows you can’t and shouldn’t try to please everyone. The voice that knows I AM THE BEST ME I CAN BE; the voice that has decided to be ME, no matter who likes it!Read More »

I Like Having Bad Days!

Dear Readers,

I know this this may sound weird to say, but I like having BAD days! They always build better days!

bad daysI remember the first time I realized that having a bad was a really good thing. It was my first or second year of teaching. Actually, my sister-friend, Danika, pointed it out to me. I was telling her how I had had a bad day. She told me that I always figured out a solution, so it was okay that I had a bad day. I am so very grateful to her because, before she told me that, I hadn’t thought of it like that. She made me think of my bad days in a whole new way.

So, now when I’m having a bad day, I’m not thinking of it as a bad day. I’m thinking of it as a building day.

Bad day 2 bad day 5bad day 4

Just remember these when you have a bad day!

Afraid To Be Myself…

Dear Readers,

I’m kinda’ ashamed of myself because I bowed to pressure of being someone other than myself. You see, my co-teacher in the Resource Lab is kinda’ laid back. He’s really not big on discipline, so it naturally defers to me. So much so, that I used to feel like the odd man out when I would really tear into a student to bring them into line.

When I had my own classroom, I was able to be pretty true to my way of discipline. However, now that we share the Resource Lab and teach together, it’s gotten harder to always be the bad cop. However, I had a bad day yesterday. Give me a second and I’ll tell you what that has to do with being afraid to be myself.

Good Cop:Bad cop

So, yesterday, my students in Advisory were talking and laughing really loud for the whole period. Not only that, but they left my classroom messy. Now, you may be saying to yourself that that’s not a big deal. Well, in my way of thinking, it is a very big deal. From my observations through the years, I’ve discovered that a one of the worst ways that a student disrespects a teacher is by doing all that my students did yesterday. I thought about their disrespect all throughout the day and came up with a solution. I gave them the same RESPECT worksheet they’d completed at the beginning of the year.

Before they came in the class and before they could ask, I told them,Read More »