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Dear Readers,

This wonderful post had to be reposted. It’s a long read, but worth it. Thanks Little Red Survivor!

Tessa was an accomplished chef and wonderful hostess, but her sisters in law and mother in law did not appreciate her. They simply believed her husband should have married someone else. No matter how beautifully she set the table or how delicious the food, the conversation with her in-laws was always strained. No one complimented […]

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One thought on “Got Respect? — Little Red Survivor

  1. I LOVED that article! And I agree 100%, which is one of the biggest reasons I write and speak. We all assume that people understand that they are BORN worthy and deserving, but the fact is, most feel it has to be EARNED by other people. How would we ever learn to unconditionally love ourselves by giving the power of the definition of our worth to anyone but ourselves? Thank you so much for sharing what I think is crucial in the pursuit of people, women in particular, to understand how PRICELESS and deserving of respect they truly are.

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