Diving Deep into Learning Differences

Learning Differences

Dear Readers,

I’ve re-thought my way of thinking about the term “learning disabilities.” I wish I thought this way when I first started teaching. I kinda’ feel bad for all the years that I’ve been telling students that they have disabilities. It’s so funny (not haha! funny, but ironic) that I’ve come to this conclusion because I feel that having students accept that they have a disability led to them becoming a better version of themselves.  It’s nothing I can do about the past though. However, moving forward,  I’m not going to tell my students that they have learning disabilities, I’m going to tell them that they have learning differences.

Every year, in the Resource Lab, I teach the students “how” they’re smart with the Multiple Intelligence Survey. I then give them several surveys and questionnaires. I will post a link late to the worksheets I created.

3 thoughts on “Diving Deep into Learning Differences

  1. I agree, students with special needs may be physically disabled but not learning disabled, Each child with special needs or not is different and takes in information differently. We all have learning differences just on different levels. The teachers just need to accept these differences and come up with a way to supply to them. I really like how you plan on using their differences as encouragement because the students should feel proud about who they are. Increasing their confidence in the classroom with definitely increase their ability to comprehend because they will feel like they can learn it.

  2. Right Natalie! Once the students have a series of small successes, they eventually begin to have the confidence they need to keep going and to go further than they thought they could.

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