100 Things About Me!

  1. I am #5 of 12 children.
  2. I am 37 38 39 40  43 44 45 46 47  48years old (Guess I hadn’t updated this in awhile).
  3. I had my first two sons before I was 21 (3 days before my 21st birthday).
  4. When my first son graduated from high school, I was 36 years old.
  5. I have 3 sons and 1 daughter.
  6. My children are 6 7 89 11 13 14 15 16 17, 10 11 12 13 16 17 18 19 20 21, 16 17 18 19 22 23 24 25 26 27, & 18 19 20 21 24 25 26 27 28 29.
  7. Their names are: Phillise, David, Dakota, & Sam, respectively.
  8. I am such a homebody. I prefer to stay at home rather than go out.
  9. I have 6 sisters & 5 brothers.
  10. All of my brothers are younger than me.
  11. I have about 40 nieces & nephews (It’s closer to 50 60 now!). I’ve lost count. I really need to write them all down.
  12. I have 2 4 ? great-nieces and 1 2 4 ? great-nephews.
  13. I sometimes want to slap ??????
  14. I am so tired of going to school. Just two more class I finished December 2012. Yay Me!
  15. I may go back and get my Ph.D. Ed.D when Phillise graduates from high school IN 2020. As for now, I cannot wait to finish in May December ’0910 (see #14) with my M.A. in Special Ed.& my Mild/Moderate teaching credential. I finished. YAY!
  16. I teach 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade Special Ed. at a low income Title I 4th & 5th private school 6-8 grade in a NPS 9/10 9-12 in a high-performing charter school. I am currently on sabbatical from teaching. Not sure if I’ll return!
  17. I sometimes feel inadequate and under-prepared for my job as a teacher. It’s been 6 7 8 9 10 12 years and I still feel like that sometimes.
  18. I only wear dresses and skirts. Update: I’ve started wearing pants!
  19. I wish that I would have known what I wanted to do earlier in life.
  20. My dream was to buy a house before my 30th birthday. I closed escrow on July 14, 2000; 13 days before my 30th birthday.
  21. I am a big fat goofball. So many things make me laugh.
  22. I love to laugh.
  23. In October ‘08 09 10 13 15 17 19, I will have been with my husband for 20 21 22 25 27 28 29 31 years; more than half my life.
  24. Marriage is a lot of work.
  25. Saying that teaching full-time, going to school full-time and raising four children is hard is the understatement of the year. (Now that I’m finished, I look back and wonder how I did it!)
  26. This will sound strange, but here it goes: I envy people who have died because they now know the real truth about life after death.
  27. I battled depression in high school and college and after the birth of my first son. It’s an ongoing battle.
  28. I wanted a daughter for 10 years before I had one. I just love that little girl. (Update: I want to beat her up!)
  29. My first son is ME. That’s why I had such a hard time with him when he was in his mid-teens.
  30. I was a young mother. I don’t want to be a young grandmother.
  31. I want my children to finish college earlier than I did.
  32. I want them to be more and have more than I do.
  33. I helped deliver my little niece Moriah. She is so beautiful. She’s like a 2nd daughter to me. (UPDATE: I WANT TO BEAT HER UP!)
  34. I love to blog. When I first started more than a two three six seven eight nine ten twelve year years ago, I had to stop myself from posting more than 4 times a day.
  35. I love to read. I will read anything except for westerns (I won’t watch them on T.V. either). My favorite type of books is children’s books. They are my passion.
  36. I have learned so much from children’s books. Usually, they are a great way to break an adult matter in a gentle way.
  37. I want to publish children’s books. Update: I will publish my first book, an anthology, on January 2018! I’m working on my children’s series now. I’ll let you know when that comes out! I was published in two anthologies last year (2018)- (The Whole Truth & Nothing But the Truth, So Help Me Teacher! & The Mediocre Teacher Project). I am releasing my first book of poetry entitled, The Ebb & Flow of Life: Stages of Walking in My Power.
  38. My collection of children’s books are about 500 1500 and growing.
  39. I want a newer, bigger house with many more rooms. I want one of those rooms to be a personal library.
  40. I never sold any of my books back to the bookstore, so I still have books from college.
  41. If I had the money, I would buy any book that caught my fancy.
  42. Although I will pay full price for books since I love them so much, I love getting books for a song and a dance.
  43. I recently bought a book on Amazon.com for .74¢+ $3.99 shipping & handling.
  44. Paying for my education is going to be expensive but worth it.
  45. I am dreading the day that I have to start repaying my student loans. Update: I’ve started repaying them and I don’t like it!
  46. I was that I had extra generous parents who had the money necessary to pay for at least half my education.
  47. That being said, I only plan on paying for half of my children’s education.
  48. I believe that children should pay for half their education. I think that it makes them more appreciative of it.
  49. I love my family, but…
  50. They work my last nerve.
  51. I have an extra large family. We used to have our own baseball team.
  52. I have changed so much. If my 18 year old self met my current self, I honestly would not recognize myself. That is such a good thing.
  53. I want am going (Still hoping to go) to go to Paris or Greece when I complete grad school.
  54. Sometimes I still don’t know how to begin…anything.
  55. Thinking of 100 things about myself is harder than I thought.
  56. I play the flute, violin, clarinet, and the saxophone.
  57. I am the best at playing the clarinet.
  58. I used to be 1st clarinet, 1st chair in junior high school.
  59. I’m 2nd best at the violin. I was 1st chair in 10th grade.
  60. I want to learn how to draw. Update: I learned how to draw!
  61. I have just recently started scrapbooking.
  62. I am now hooked.
  63. I don’t know why I didn’t do it before.
  64. I love to write. Update: See #37
  65. I can be a bit melodramatic at times.
  66. I am not a people person.
  67. I usually prefer my own company.
  68. One of my favorite restaurants is Cheesecake Factory. They have the best bread and mashed potatoes.
  69. I am a lifelong learner.
  70. I think that my husband is a big fat dummy, but I love him anyway. (smile)
  71. I love this extra, extra, extra, extra hard job called parenting.
  72. An extended amount of time spent with more than 5 people at a time really drains me and stresses me out.
  73. I have to take a break from people after any type of get together.
  74. I don’t think that some people are meant to be married or have children.
  75. I am just now beginning to like my brother-in-law’s wife. It only took about 15 years.
  76. We didn’t get along because we didn’t understand each other.  Update: We get along great. Not even sure why we didn’t like each other. Maybe it was immaturity.
  77. I believe that love really does conquer all.
  78. I believe that I have the potential and will be a great educator. Update: I have had great success as a teacher.
  79. I got overwhelmed the other day when I started thinking about how much work and responsibility teaching is. Update: I still get overwhelmed.
  80. I believe that we should forgive, but not forget.
  81. Even though I believe that we shouldn’t forget, I don’t think that we should dwell on it either.
  82. I’m not sure if I mentioned that I am a Sci-fi junkie.
  83. If there was a chance to move to another planet that was already established, I would have to think about if I wanted to move there to get away from it all.
  84. Sad part about #83: I’m afraid that if it was a possibility, that things might not be much different there either.
  85. I think that love is beautiful.
  86. I also think that love stinks.
  87. When I was 18, when I first met my husband, I was so naive it’s crazy.
  88. I gained 60 pounds with my last pregnancy and have only lost 40 so far (see #68).
  89. I think that life stinks.
  90. I think that life is beautiful and so full of potential.
  91. I am a walking contradiction.
  92. I do not believe that there will ever be world peace.
  93. I love to go to karaoke.
  94. Sometimes I suck. Sometimes I’m good.
  95. My favorite song of all time is One Last Cry by Brian McKnight.
  96. Brian McKnight is my favorite singer of all time.
  97. If I could only listen to one CD forever, it would be one of Brian’s.
  98. Like a million other women, I used to (still do) have the worst crush on Denzel Washington.
  99. My celebrity crushes right now- actors Patrick Dempsey (McDreamy) and Hill Harper (Not anymore. I know it’s small, but once I found out that he dated a video vixen, I lost all respect for him). (Update: Common (Lonnie Rashid Lynn) is all of that. I wish I could meet him and take a pic with him.)
  100. I believe there has to be more to life (than chasing down every temporary high).

5 thoughts on “100 Things About Me!

  1. Okay, I totally love this & plan to completely USE it (because USE sounds so much better than STEAL) on my blog. I found you because you linked back to a post of mine on languaging (choose your words). Seems we have more than a few things in common.

    I am all about personal growth and developing the POTENTIAL WITHIN each one of us. My means is yoga and journaling. Your list of 100 reminds me of a technique taught by one of my most favorite journaling experts, Kathleen Adams (author of the book “Journal to the Self.” Great book by the way if you are interested in journaling.

    I’m a tech person at our elementary school and have a huge heart for special ed. Another story at another time. We are actually working on video modeling for our students with autism and Aspergers. Cool stuff.

    I love karaoke. (I really love disco WITH karaoke), I have a book in me. My blog also came out of that. So much else, but I love you… YOU are my new best friend!!! 🙂 #78, 90 rock on!!!!

    Thanks for linking back to my blog. Check it regularly, as I will now yours. Can I add you to my blog roll?

    With big blessings & celebration of the POTENTIAL in each one of us!

    Pamela (in Austin)

  2. Hi new BF. Of course you can put me on your blog roll. I will also do the same. What you mentioned sounds interesting. Can you tell me a little bit more about the video modeling for your students with autism.

  3. Regarding paying for your student loans… (I owe so, so much) I am wondering if you know about the APLE loan repayment program? You can get up to $18,000 in loans paid back if you teach at an under performing, low-income school. The payments kick in after you get your preliminary credential. Also, if your loans are consolidated through Direct Loans (I suggest you stay away from Sallie Mae. They are truly evil) you have your student loan bill forgiven after 10 years of service as a teacher…. FYI.

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