You Know You’re A Teacher On Summer Vacation If… by Melanin Kidz

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You Know You’re A Teacher On Summer Vacation If…

Monday, June 26, 2017

During the school year, you’re standing and raising your voice much more often than you would at home. Bathroom breaks are few and far in between and when you finally coerce a fellow teacher to watch your class while you sprint to the restroom, the chances of you coming back to a chaotic classroom are much exponentially higher.

If you work in a special education classroom like I do, strong vocal chords are imperative to restoring order when Maria decides to mercilessly taunt Joshua for all to hear when they’re supposed to be doing a quiet activity. However, this is June and you’ve gone back to civilian life where you can sip on your coffee in complete serenity right? Well here are 17 off-the-clock teacher moments that haunt Sped and Gen Ed teachers alike:

1. You’ve gotten used to fighting the urge to use the restroom so you sometimes still hold it while you’re at home.

2. You’ve organized all your summer plans in your calendar down to the hour.

3. If you don’t eat lunch during your school’s lunch time, you feel like you’re starving to death.

4. You wake up at 6:30 am every day because your body’s natural clock won’t update

5. You are extremely tired around 9:30 PM.

6. You’re directing your significant other/spouse around to do tasks around the house as if you were delegating tasks out to your students.

7. You begin to feel so unproductive and restless that you start lesson planning two months in advance.

8. You read books focused on teaching/education in the summer because you can’t help it (if you’re lucky they’re mandatory reading from your principals lol).

9. You see kids misbehaving in public and get sudden urges to give them consequences.

10. You refuse to go to any event that may have a lecture/Q&A because of the trauma you’ve experienced from attending too many PD’s.

11. You aren’t obsessed with using as much Lysol and other germ prevention chemicals.

12. Unless you have children, you rather not go to any event that has too many kids in one place.

13. After you’ve been on your laptop for about 15 minutes at home, you still expect a child to tap you on your shoulder and ask you to tell Jonathan to give her her pencil box back.

14. You’re overprepared for every single summer event you go to.

15. You catch yourself laughing out loud at something funny a student said to you during the school year while in the car by yourself.

16. You eat painfully slow and stretch out your lunches to 1 hour and a half or more because you can since you can finally taste your food.

17. You finally come to terms with that fact you’ve worked hard all year and summer vacation is one of the best perks of the profession.

Happy Summer!


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