One Hundred Hungry Ants by Eleanor Pinczes

One hundred hungry ants by Eleanor Pinczes is the book that I’m reviewing today. I like this book and the style of it. It’s the best kind of teaching. It’s teaching even when the kids don’t even know they are being taught. Children are taught about division without even knowing it.


I was surprised that the book was published so long ago. It was published in 1993. I didn’t know that it was that old. I mean it’s not a million years ago or anything. It’s just that some methods become outdated. Not so with this book. I guess good teaching is timeless.

This book is a visual introduction to math. I was introduced to it in my Math for Elementary Teachers class. My teacher, Richard, was very knowledgeable when it came to books. So on the strength of his recommendation, I purchased this book and the other one, A Remainder of One, by this author. I was not disappointed. In July, I gave the book to my little boy to read. I told him that I read it and that it was a good book. He looked at me like I was crazy. After all, what do I know? I’m only his mother right! He read it grudgingly. Fast forward three months to October when his teacher introduced it to the class. He came home and told me that his teacher was reading it to them.

(I’m sorry. I had to rub it in.) Well, well, well. Maybe I’m not so dumb after all. Maybe I might just know what I’m talking about after all. Hunhh!

Okay, mom. Maybe you do!

Of course I do.

It feels so good to be right.

MasterCard moment

Got any old books just lying around the house collecting dust? Why don’t you do something useful with them. Trade them with others. I found this great website, Paperback swap, that lets you trade your old books. You simply list at least 9 books that you want to share. After that you can order 3 books free of charge and have them mailed directly to you.

Once someone else selects one of your books that you’ve listed, you mail it to them. You do pay for the postage, but you get a book credit. You use this book credit to select any other book that you want.

For every book that you mail out you get one in return.

I found it totally by accident from this site:

She homeschools her children. If you are reading this blog and you homeschool, check it out. She has good information on her site.

Thanks Mom loves being at home!

The price of registering and joining: Free

The benefits of bringing the joy of reading to others: Priceless.

For everything else, there’s MasterCard! 🙂

Life don’t get much better than that.

Guys Read

Jon Scieszka, who is a former school teacher, created a website just for boys. It’s called Guys Read. It is for boys who hate to read. He wants to motivate boys to read. He believes that reading is not usually seen as a masculine thing to do, so he wants to change that. It is a web-based literacy program for guys by guys to get boys to read.

On the website you can:

  • sign up for the Guys Read club
  • make you own club
  • print the Guys Read poster, bookmarks and stickers
  • read Scieszka’s favorite authors

I reported on him for a project for my children’s literature class. For my handouts, I printed out the bookmarks and stickers. I laminated the bookmarks, put the stickers in the Xyron sticker maker and gave them both out. The class loved them and my teacher was so impressed.

My 9-year old little boy loved the bookmarks and the stickers. I made some for his class. I couldn’t believe that he asked. He must have really liked them. He always tells me that the stuff I make is cool, but he never asked me to make anything for him.

Thank you Mr. Scieszka for creating this site.

If you would like to make your own Guys Read section in your own home, library or school, visit the website and check it out @


R-E-S-P-E-C-T. I’ll tell me what it means to me.

Respect, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is an act of giving particular attention; high or special regard; the quality or state of being esteemed.

Believe it or not, there are people that I know who think that respect is optional. I am here to tell you that respect is not optional. It is a must.

When I first meet a group of students, I let them know from the beginning that respect is not optional. It is a requirement. I will accept nothing less.

These are the steps to take to ensure that respect is given to you:

  1. Tell them. Once expectations are clear, they know what the rules are.
  2. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Beat the rules into the ground. For at least the first two months, whenever there is an indiscretion or misbehavior, gently remind them of the rules.
  3. Ask them what you told them. Have them repeat what you told them back to you so that there are no misunderstandings.
  4. Enforce it. Rules written down on a cute poster board and laminated are real cute, but it doesn’t mean a hill of beans if they aren’t enforced.
  5. Be consistent with the rules and the reinforcement of them.
  6. Respect them. If the child is being punished, tell them why. Don’t embarrass them in front of their peers. Ask yourself, “Would I accept this behavior if someone were to do this to me?”

Follow these rules and there shouldn’t be too many problems.

Not The Besta’ Scieszka (Shess-ka)

If you have a really offbeat sense of humor like me, then you’ll like this author with a weird name. Jon Scieszka. Even though his name looks hard to pronounce, it really isn’t. It’s pronounced Shess-ka.

You’ve probably heard of him. He has written over twenty books, including the chapter book series, The Time Warp Trio. He also wrote The Stinky Cheeseman and other fairly stupid tales.

Although he works with other illustrators, my favorite books are the ones with Lane Smith. He has such a quirky style.

Before reading this particular book, I loved all of his books. Not this one. It’s called BALONEY. It’s not a new book. It was published in 2001, but I though that it was still worthy of a review. It’s about a little alien named Henry P. Baloney who is late for school yet again. He has to have a really good and believable excuse or his teacher, Miss Bugscuffle, is going to give him Permanent Lifelong Detention.

He, of course, comes up with many excuses. You see, he would have come on time but he lost his trusty zimulis (pencil in Latvian), then he found it on his deski (Swahili for desk), but someone put his deski in a torakku (Japanese for truck). Don’t worry about understanding it. Scieszka provides a decoder at the end of the book.


The book has a great silver cover, the illustrations are eye-catching and the text is witty, but something is missing. This book didn’t catch my attention like his other books. It’s amusing, but it just isn’t what I have come to expect from Scieszka. He is a victim of his own success. He has written such great books, that when he writes a book that is just good, but not great, it is a little disappointing.

Even though I didn’t like this one, this is only one of his book. The rest are excellent. This guy is one of my favorite children books authors. I would highly recommend his books and his website. He created a website just for guys. It’s called Guys Read. I will do a post on that later. As for the book, who knows, just because I didn’t like it, it doesn’t mean that you won’t. Check it out.

The “Write” Way

As I said in my About Me page, I am a sci-fi junkie. I love most things sci-fi. I especially love good sci-fi. Before I really got into Stargate SG-1, I was the biggest Babylon 5 fan. Boy was I scared of those Shadows! The last episode was movie worthy. It was wayyyy better than the Star Trek movies, Generations and Insurrection.

I like(d) these shows because, to me, they are/were consistently well written. At least Stargate SG-1 was until this last season. What’s up with this season’s filler shows? They suck! I thought the last was supposed to be the best. They were supposed to bring their “A” game. As you should be able to tell by my ranting, they have not.

I am so disappointed. I feel this way about any type of bad writing, not just on my favorite shows. That is why I am so disappointed when I read a blog, a book or a magazine article and the writing is sub par.

If you’ve been reading my blog so far, you should know by now that I’m a little silly, not very serious about certain things and have a tongue-in-cheek writing style.

This is why I will do my darndest to make sure that my blog’s writing is not disappointing. This is 5 things that you will get when you read my blog:

  1. At least one laugh, out loud.
  2. Food for thought, some will make you think.
  3. Good information.
  4. Helpful hints and/or techniques, whether or not it’s about educational stuff. But it probably will be.
  5. Silliness. ‘Nuff said.

I love writing and I love being silly. I never intend for this blog to be too serious or boring, just some fun stuff.

Thanks for listening!

Thanks Fashionista. Your “5 Things That I Want Now” post is the inspiration for this.