I recently added a new link onto my Teacher Resources. It’s called Super Teacher Worksheet. The owner of the website left several comments on the website and I visited it. Now, how ironic is this? I actually used this website to make my Christmas Vacation packet for my students.

I don’t know why I didn’t add it before, but I’m adding it now. It’s has a ton of worksheets from Math to Social Studies & back. So, thank you Tim for this website. I will be using it a lot more. Here’s the link:

Lakeshore Coupon (Buy 1, Get 1 50% off)

Okay Dear Readers,

Here is the newest Lakeshore coupon. I will be there on Wednesday. Print it & use it.

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Oh, Decisions, Decisions!

It feels so good to be ahead. This feels fantastic because it’s never happened before. I have been true to my word of staying ahead. I’ve worked so much on reading the books & refining my lesson plans that I am now about 3 weeks ahead for 4th grade Social Studies & 4 weeks on 5th grade Social Studies. If I bring work home during Christmas vacation, I’ll be able to complete about a month’s worth of work. That is such a hard call to make. Should I take home work during my break and not have to complete any  lesson plans for about 6 weeks? or should my biggest worry during Christmas break be what time I wake up? Oh, decisions, decisions!!!

Donkey Poop???

As I was teaching my students about a folktale, two of my students were in disagreement as to its point of origin. I tried and tried to explain it, but they were not to be convinced. So, I had a brilliant idea to play that game where you whisper something in someone’s ear & try to see if it stays the same by the time it comes back to you. Well, one of my students started it with the phrase, Donkey Poop. (Uhh, Donkey Poop???) By the time, it got back around, it was Dog Poop. I was expecting a drastic change, but that was good enough to prove my point that stories change over time- sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. They totally got it.

Although I don’t think I’ll start it with Donkey Poop, I think I’ll use that little exercise all the time.