A Wednesday Night E-mail!

Dear Readers,

I’m so glad that I have the trust and rapport with my students that I do. One of my students was comfortable enough to contact me last Wednesday night at 10 p.m. because he knew that I would respond. Amazingly enough, I just happen to check my e-mail a minute after he e-mailed me. The timing was so opportune.keep-calm-it-s-wednesday-14Thank goodness I managed to calm him down. I’ll e-mail him tomorrow to see how he’s doing. I’m glad I could help him. It didn’t even bother me that he contacted me on my summer break.

Essential Questions

Dear Readers,

I am required to submit a weekly digital agenda that must include essential questions. When I first started writing them, they were very basic; too basic I think. So, I decided to do a little research so I could write better essential questions. Here are a couple of sites I used:





https://www.teachingchannel.org/videos/structure-learning-essential-questions (Video- 1:39)


chrome-extension://gbkeegbaiigmenfmjfclcdgdpimamgkj/views/app.html (ppt.)


Live Life!

Dear Readers,

Amount of direction signs with europeans countries names.
I see this in my future! ~Leila~

I thought I was going to make time to write during this vacation, but found myself actually living life like I never have before. I’ve discovered that my way of thinking has changed. Activities that used to hold my interest no longer hold my interest anymore. I now want to travel. For Christmas break I’m going to Barbados and probably Puerto Rico; I’m not really sure yet about Puerto Rico. I’ll keep you posted. Until then, live life to the fullest!