I Accomplished A Little Bit More Today!

I am so happy. I was not so much of a slacker today. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but I have 2 major papers due. The paper that’s due for my first class is 10 pages, while the paper due for my second class is 15-20 pages. In addition to that, I had 3 small papers due. Well, today, I completed the 3 small assignments. Now I only have to do the 2 big assignments. One is due this Wednesday, 12/03, while the second one is due 12/10, my last day of class. Only two more weeks and I will be finished for the year. I don’t have to start again until the 2nd week of January. A month off from school. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself. Just kidding. I know what I’m going to do- absolutely nothing. I am going to veg out on television and blogging.
Until next time people!

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Next Thanksgiving…

I have a little something to get off my chest. This happens every Thanksgiving, but it really bothered me the other day. Like to hear it, here it goes

One of my sisters likes to play games. I don’t know why she does, but she does. She is always trying to get out of bringing the Mac n’ Cheese.
“Oh,” she says, “I didn’t know you wanted me to bring it this year.”
(I’m thinking to myself) Well, haven’t you been bringing it for the past couple years? Isn’t that your specialty? Why do we have to go through this bullsh** every year? Why can’t you just bring the g**damn Mac n’ Cheese? Quit playing games!!!!!!!!!!!
Now ask me if she brought it this year. Well, ask. Nope, she didn’t. The other day I asked her could she bring the greens also. “Okay,” she said. So, when she finally decided to show up, I asked her where the Mac n’ Cheese was, she said…
“Oh, I thought you said you only wanted me to bring the greens”. If steam could really come out of my ears, it would have. So, I have just decided that I am going to learn how to make the Mac n’ Cheese my damn self. I am tired of the games. My family is so big, that it’s potluck. If you’re coming, you’re bringing something. I cannot afford to feed more than 30 people even if it’s for one day. I’ve gotten my recipes (Bobby Flay, Delilah the Mac n’ cheese queen, & Patti LaBelle) and am going to practice. That way I will not be dependent on anyone else for anything. I had my mouth all set for some Mac n’ Cheese. OOOOOO, she made me so mad!!! That, my dear sir or madam is my rant for the rest of the year!!!!!!!

Just Doin’ A Little Bit Of Cookin’!

Well, I actually accomplished a little something today. I ‘ve already made 2 of the 4 Sweet Potato pies. One’s in the oven cooking. As soon as that one’s finished cooking, I am going to cook the 4th and final one. After that I will start on the 3 Large Peach Cobblers I’m making. I will start cooking my turkey in the morning after thawing it out overnight in water.
One thing that I’ve learned is to save time where I can. I do that with Old Glory brand products. Their products are so much like homemade. My uncle from Louisiana who told me that he wouldn’t eat any black-eyed peas out of the can, ate theirs. My sister who told me that she wouldn’t eat greens out of the can, ate theirs. I also used their sweet potatoes out of the can. I just let my sons sample and they thought it was delicious.
Thank God I don’t have to provide everything though. Everyone else will bring the side dishes.
One of my sisters, A, is bringing the Macaroni n’ Cheese, while my other sister, D, is bringing her delicious potatoes. Rounding out the last of the side dishes is my other sister, S, who is bringing her famous, moist, mouth-watering cakes.
I’ll make the mashed potatoes, stuffing from scratch and other stuff in the morning. When I take my lil’ shortcuts, I come out smelling like a rose without sweating like a pig.
So, I hope your Thanksgiving dinner (however you choose to spend it) is as joyous as mines.