Dear Readers,

I found these sites on another blog and decided to steal them. I know some of them may be advanced for Special Education students, but you never know. Don’t underestimate your students. Let them see for themselves if they can do it.


GLOSSARY– Math terms-


MULTIPLICATION (Learning double digit by double digit multiplication)

FRACTIONS (Equivalent fractions)


PLACE VALUE (4th grade) (5th grade)

GEOMETRY (Angles) (Parallel games) (Polygon game) (Geometric solids)

ORDERED PAIRS (Graph mole game)

SCIENCE (Ultimate Science site) (Animated cell) (How Big is Your Heart activity) (Heart video) (The Virtual Body) (How the Body Works) (Carbon & Nitrogen Cycle) (Nitrogen Cycle video (1:12) (Nitrogen Cycle video) (Photosynthesis) (Photosynthesis video) (Photosynthesis video) (Funny Photosynthesis video) (Parts of a flower) (The Great Plant Escape) (Virtual Telescope) (ALL 88 Constellations) (Constellation maps) (Did God Create the Universe?) (NASA 4 Kids) (Ask an astronomer for Kids) (Astronomy dictionary) (Astronomy site) (Astronomy videos) (Astronomy resources with easy quiz) (Astronomy videos) (Herbivores, carnivores, omnivores) (Food chain) (Food chain game) (Food chain) (Make a food chain game) (Food chain games) (Carnivorous plants) (Carnivorous Plants 101- FAQ about carnivorous plants) (Plants) (Photosynthesis) (Trees) (What on Earth is Soil)

SPELLING (Interactive spelling games)  (Interactive spelling games) (Custom spelling list)


Fry’s Word List (1,000 High Frequency words)

Dolch Word List ( (Kindergarten sight words list) (1st grade sight words list) (2nd grade sight words list) (3rd grade words list) (words in Spanish & English) (This site contains a wealth of information. It has a complete lesson plan that can be used, along with all the materials necessary. I highly recommend this.)

Catch the Spelling (High frequency/site words) (Make a silly tale) (Idioms) (Interactive English Activities) (Interactive English Activities)  (Interactive English games) NOTE: There are only a few that 4th/5th graders would understand, but it’s still worth a look. (Jeopardy-like English games) (Cut & paste. I’ve disabled the link because, for some reason, it will not work from this page.) (Superlative Adjective quiz) (Compare & Contrast Map)



(Gold Rush) (Long read, but very informative)  (How to make a corn husk doll)

ONLINE BOOKS (Students can use these links to read books online) (Online books read by famous actors) (Short stories online) (Online books) (e-books) (e-books) (Online animated books) (Online audio books) (Online audio books- very useful for Special Education students [free])

3 thoughts on “EDUCATIONAL SITES

  1. Please add to your Online Books category:

    Bookshare, This digital library online is free for U.S. students who qualify with print disabilities. A quality educational resource that includes two free reading technologies funded by federal awards from U.S. Dept. of Education, Office of Special Education Programs.

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