Welcome Back to Me! (or The Blame Game!)

I have been missing in action yet again. I’ve never gone so long without writing. I’ve been overwhelmed. How could I have forgotten how much work it is to teach a combination class? I’m very nearly acclimated to the amount of work, but it’s still a bit much. So, anyway, I’m happy because of the freedoms and liberties afforded me by working in a private, parochial school. Like today, during Religion, my students blamed a game called The Blame Game. There were a series of scenarios which the students had to answer; I have to admit that they answered quite honestly. We were able to discuss the problems and come to an understanding. It was really nice. It’s times like this that makes me love working in a parochial school.

Here are two of the scenarios:

I can’t find my backpack because my dad drove away with it in his car.

Who’s to blame?

The students unanimously agreed that it was the child’s fault. I was so proud of them.

Having an iPod at school is against the rules. My friend takes mine out of my backpack to play with it. He gets caught, but I get sent to the office because of his actions.

Who’s to blame?

For this one, the students answered that it was the student’s fault who brought the iPod because if he wouldn’t have brought it, his friend wouldn’t have known that it was there for him to go in the bag and take it.

I think part of the reason my students are so honest is because I am so honest with them. When I make a mistake I readily admit it. So, when they make a mistake, I hold them accountable. I don’t punish them harshly, but I do make them admit that they made a mistake. Once they admit it we take it from there.

So, welcome back to me!