I Didn’t Know She Was Aware!!!

Dear Readers,

I felt my heart break a little today as I was testing one of the 2nd grade students at my school. I was in the class observing her. As I sat there I noticed that she was playing with her hair. I then noticed that she put the bangs in front of her face before she had to answer questions. I don’t think the teacher knew what she was doing, but I did. Since the teacher was testing the rest of the students, I took her to my classroom to test her reading fluency level. She read 76 wpm, btw. She can decode, but doesn’t really understand what she’s reading.

So, after I tested her, I talked to her and asked her what she had trouble with. She told me division was hard for her. I can understand that. She has trouble completing tasks with more than three steps. The teacher is going to have to break everything down for her until she gets it.

I then asked her her age. She told me that she was 8. I complimented her on being a big 3rd grader. Now, this is the part that broke my heart. She said, “No, I’m not in 3rd grade. I’m supposed to be in 3rd grade, but I’m in 2nd grade”. Then she hung her head.

I was not aware that she understood that she was behind. She also told me about covering her face with her bangs, and the butterflies in her stomach. I wanted to cry. She was trying to hide. She’s been doing it for a while.

The time had come so I had to take her back to class, but before I did, I showed her Patricia Polacco’s Thank You Mr. Falker. I told her that she was not alone; that other people had problems with school work too.

She said, “They do?”

“Yes,” I told her. “You are not alone.”

She smiled as we left the classroom. My heart healed a little bit after that! I will keep you updated on her. Bye for now!

Getting it Together Little by Little, Part 2!

Dear Readers,

I am slowly, but surely getting it together. I do admit that I’ve been neglecting this blog. But, I have a reason. I’ve been working on my classroom blog. I have computer lab on Mondays & Thursdays and have developed a system for putting my work for the computer lab on the blog. It should make things really easy, but it does not because some of my students are really dependent. I put everything they need on the blog, they only have to click, yet they still ask me what to do. I digress though. I’m happy that I’ve gotten it together enough to consistently put my work up. I use it to reinforce  the work we’re working on throughout the week. On Fridays, our review day, students are allowed to continue working on the computer in the computer center. I will continue to strive to do more. Thanks for reading. Bye for now!


Dear Readers,

I’ve never heard a nicer word- tomorrow. That’s the day it’ll all be over. It’s the last day of the WASC visit. I am so happy because I’ve been really stressed since they’ve been here. It really took me totally by surprise. I’m usually not the one to stress over things like this because I usually have it all together. But, not this time. I’ve been struggling all this year. I can only hope that all that I do for my students is effective.

A Nice Hot Bath!

There’s not too much a nice hot bath can’t cure. I really needed it. I was so stressed today. My students are so unruly. The boys are rambunctious & the girls are catty & petty. I can deal with the boys. They’re just a little playful. If itt were up to me, I would have no girls in my class, only boys. Boys are wwaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy easier to deal with than girls.

Today I reached my breaking point with them. I asked for a drama-free day since my site is going through WASC accreditation this week. Do you think they listened? Take a wild guess! Of course they didn’t. It was business as usual; it was like I’d said nothing at all. They even pulled out big. ALLIGATOR tears. Oh boy, little girls and waterworks!!!!!

I am really ready for Spring Break! Bye for now!!!

Validating Me in the Wong Way, Part 2!

Dear Readers,

This post is  a continuation of my previous post, Validating Me in the Wrong Way. I am really overwhelmed. My students are very needy & not too well behaved. I’ve been hearing it from a couple of teachers on campus. In the beginning I thought it was just me, that I wasn’t feeling this school year and all the trouble and drama I’ve been through this year. The Art teacher even brought it up in our staff meeting today. But you know what’s so funny? I don’t think I would have realized just how stressful it all was if no one had told me. Isn’t that funny? Now that I know that I wasn’t imagining the whole thing, I feel much better and can get on with the business of fixing it. Now, all I need is a plan to do that! I’ll let you know how it goes. Bye for now!

Twenty Extra Minutes…

Dear Readers,

Let me just give you a little background information. I work in a big building with a lot of empty classrooms. I am alone in my wing of the building. It’s kinda’ scary once the school is empty. That’s why when time “falls back” in the Fall, I usually high tail it out of there around 4:30. Any later than that and it feels like you have someone following you in the hallway. Let me say it again, that it’s a little scary in that building after 4:00. Well, today I was so psyched. I stayed after work today and was not afraid. Why? Well, it was still light. I stayed ’til a little after 5 and was okay with it. I was going to leave around 4:30 like I usually do, but decided to stay that twenty extra minutes to finish up some things I just couldn’t get done because there isn’t enough hours in the day. The only thing I didn’t do was make my To Do list. My desk is still a mess, but I was able to complete a few key tasks. I think I’ll stay a little later tomorrow. That’s all to report. Bye for now!

I Need Help!

I’m so frustrated! This year i’ve really been working hard on my student’s writing skills. Almost all of my students have made progress, except for my student I call Cute Cheeks. He cannot write a 5-paragraph essay to save himself. I’m currently reading Mastering the 5 Paragraph Essay by Susan Van Zile. I really need to finish reading it and now. If he doesn’t learn it now, I’m not sure he can learn it in Middle School. I never get any comments and/or, but I need some now. Any tips for teaching writing to upper elementary school students would be really appreciated. Someone, help!