Thanksgiving Dinner!

Okay, I got my rant out earlier, now I can move on. In spite of everything, I had a great time. If I could just foot the whole bill and/or cater it for the day, things would be just fine. But, I digress.

Of course, since I did almost all the cooking, the food was spectacular, amazing, & whatever great adjective you can think of. This is the menu:

*Honeybaked Ham, *Honeybaked roasted turkey, baked Turkey, sweet potato cheesecake, pistachio cake, yellow cake with cream cheese icing, yellow cake with chocolate icing, strawberry cake, *red velvet cake, 20 lbs. of homemade mashed potatoes, homemade & store bought gravy, *green bean casserole, *greens, homemade dressing, sweet potato casserole, *black eyed peas, *mac n’ cheese, *scalloped potatoes, peach cobbler, sweet potato pies, *whole candied cranberries, jellied cranberry sauce.

Yes, we ate gooooooooooooood! As I write this, there’s half a sweet potato cheesecake and 1/4 of a red velvet cake in the fridge calling my name. My husband & children are soooooooo happy.

* Didn’t make it *

New Family Wanted

Yes, dear readers, this is my rant for the month. I am so tired of my family’s antics. Most of them are so cheap. So, instead of running the risk of getting into a family feud with everyone picking sides, I will just do what I do best- blog about it.


New family members to replace old family members. Must:

1.) enjoy participating in family functions,

2.) being on time.

3.) participate in potluck. If you say you’re going to bring it, then bring it.

4.) have everyone’s best interest @ heart.

5. know that Thanksgiving is not Takesgiving, where you arrive a couple hours late and load up on food that you did NOT bring.

Always remember- Absolutely NO sabotage is allowed.

If you are interested in replacing any old family members, you can reach me @ THAT MY DEAR READER is my rant for the month.

Thank you so much and do have a nice day!

Lakeshore After Thanksgiving (Black Friday) Sale!

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Much Needed Validation!

Hello dear readers. As you know, I’ve been having a hard time lately and have been feeling a wee bit sorry for myself. I have been thinking about ditching teaching and getting another type of job altogether. I was thinking that I was not meant to teach. You know, I’ve had so much trouble and all. However, all of that changed when I “worked” @ a daycare center yesterday & today to fulfill my community service obligation for that alleged $20 cell phone ticket that’s actually $242 once you tack on fees & penalties. I felt really good because I know that I still have it. I really am meant to be a teacher. I knew it in my heart but was having serious doubts as of late.

Well, yesterday I got that much needed validation. One of the teachers @ the center asked me if I worked with kids. I told her that I taught special ed. @ the elementary level.

She told me that I was a natural. She also told me she knew that I thrived on the challenge. Boy she read me like a book. I appreciated it though. I was feeling down, but not so much anymore. I feel really great that I got some much needed validation!

Mission Impossible Assignment: #4 (Hold On!)

Dear readers, this post is totally not like the other Mission Impossible Assignment of Holding On. I was positive then. Right now, that is not the case. Yes, this theme is becoming redundant. I am in the dumps. I have been fighting it, but so far, it’s winning. It’s so bad, I don’t even want to get my hair done or shop. I know, oh Horror! I’m so tired. I thought my life was getting better. I’m not saying the problem I have hanging over my head is bigger than God, but I just don’t see how things are going to work out. Not only am I stopped from getting a job in L.A.U.S.D., but it’s hurting my chances at getting a job in other districts. You see this is all because of my ex-boss who blacklisted me.  She had no reason to do what she did. Initially I was questioning God and why he would let this happen. But this has nothing to do with God.

But, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that KARMA is a bitch. She will get hers but good. You know what, I’m going to see it. When my husband got rudely fired from his job with no explanation, we were shocked. We didn’t understand. He was fantastic at his job. He actually, literally gave his company a million dollar idea and got no absolutely no compensation. NONE. So, we were very shocked when he was fired and blacklisted. We found out the reason why. It took about a year, but we found out the reason why. The CFO was embezzling money- to the tune of $250,000. He thought my husband knew. But he didn’t. He fired Phillip to cover his own ass. The good part in all of this is that my husband was totally vindicated. Dookie, as I like to call him, fired Phillip by sending a messenger on Sunday telling him not to come in with no explanation. However, Dookie was escorted out of the lobby on a crowded day while handcuffed by the police. KARMA catching up to him? You bet. I would like to say I took the high road and didn’t take any glory in his displeasure, but I’d be lying. I was jumping around, doing cartwheels, & laughing at the top of my lungs. That bastard got his and so will ???.