Sit Down or Put Your Shoes Back On!

Sit down or put your shoes back on, I told one of my students. Umm… what??? Yes, you did just read that! I let my students take their shoes off, lay on the rug and read, & pay them (Lakeshore money, of course.). It seems like they’re at home. The class seems so homey, but it’s still school. They have to follow rules, but we have a good time.


Working for L.AU.S.D. vs. working for a private school is totally different. When I worked for L.A.U.S.D., I was always overwhelmed and never able to perform to the best of my ability. So much was required of me, but I couldn’t get it together. Working for a Catholic school where there are no weekly Tuesday meetings and not as much is required, I am suddenly in my element. I’m on top of my lesson plans. I am so prepared and get so much done.  I am getting to the place in my teaching career where I’m supposed to be. For instance, the copier that everyone uses has been out of commission since Thursday afternoon. However, I am fine. I have all of my copies that I need for ALL of my subjects. The only copies I didn’t have was my Social Studies homework. The only reason I didn’t was because I just found the books in the closet that was ooooooh, so messy. (I am always inheriting someone else’s mess). It took myself and a parent a couple hours to get it straight.

When so much was expected of me, I couldn’t get it together. It could have been because I had so much on my plate. Whatever the reason I couldn’t get it together back then. Now that I don’t have the weekly Tuesday meetings, the grade level meetings, or the pressure, I am performing at my best.

Isn’t it ironic???

A Free Day!

Since the Carnival was over the weekend, there was no school on Friday or today. We had staff development, I worked in my room & came home. I worked a little when I got home. Now, I need to go grocery shopping. It was a pretty restful day. The kids are back tomorrow. So, it all begins again tomorrow.


More to Do…

I have a lot more to do, in regard to my planning & implementation. I knew that it would. This is not a surprise. I’m okay with doing the work because I have a system now. I’m simply refining it. I am in such a creative mode right now. I am definitely using it to my advantage.

Here’s to more work & loving it!

Here’s to Continued Success…

I tested my students’ reading fluency this month and was so happy with the results. One of my 5th grade students, who I knew could read faster, was too relaxed with no sense of urgency. I told him to think of reading the passage as a race. That is when he went from 144 to 188. There were similar experiences across the board. Every single student in my class increased their reading speed.

Student 1 went from 115 —-> 129

Student 2 went from 85 —–> 91

Student 3 went from 182 —–> 189

Student 4 went from 80 ——> 98

Student 5 went from 102 ——> 143

Student 6 went from 70 ——-> 81

Student 7 went from 71 ——> 98

Student 8 went from 169 —–> 179

Student 9 went from 103 ——> 149

Student 10 went from 63 ——> 114

Student 11 went from 135 ——> 174

Student 12 went from 139 ——> 170

& of course

Student 13 went from 144 ——>188