My Threshold! Part 2

Dear Readers,

One thing I’ve learned to do it to listen to my body and know when it and I have had enough. Well, I tried to anyway. This sickness came out of nowhere. I’ve been down since Sunday night. I went to work on Monday because I had an IEP and just didn’t want to submit lesson plans. It was easier to go to work. So, I thought.

I got to work and could barely walk. I felt like I was walking in slow motion, in water, in a snowstorm. Yeah, it was really that bad. I had chills and a fever at once. Not to mention the scratchy throat and the achy muscles.

I left immediately after the IEP at 2:30, picked up Phillise, and got in bed until 3:00 p.m. the next day. I only got up then because I had to pick Phillise up and I had a presentation to do at my school @ 4:30. If not, I would have asked my mother-in-law or my sister to get her and stayed in bed. I’m still in bed as I write this on Wednesday night @ 6:40 p.m. I’m going to work tomorrow though. I’m a little weak and dehydrated but I’ll be okay.

It’s good to know your threshold. I make a habit of knowing when I’ve reached mine. As I recuperate, I will say bye for now!

No More Interviews!!!

Hello Dear Readers,
You're HiredIn the past month, I have been on six (count ’em, 6) interviews! At this point I am tired of interviewing. Yesterday was my last interview. I already had five job offers on the table and didn’t want to interview anymore. I simply didn’t. Just like 8 was enough, six was enough!
I went to the last interview anyway. Just to see! Well, guess what happened with that one? I accepted the job.
The funny thing about the job that I accepted was that I was passing by the site the other day with my daughter and said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if I worked there since it’s right by your school?”
“Yes,” she said.
Of all the job I was offered, this was my second choice. I wanted the job with Green Dot because of the room for advancement, the pay, I really liked the administration, and most importantly-the free health insurance.
The two reasons I didn’t want to accept my current job was because of the insurance cost (not free) and no pay in the summer. What it all equates to though is bigger paychecks that I need to manage well.
The reason I accepted is because my daughter, Phillise (12)-being the big almost 7th grader that she is-wanted more freedom. She feels that I shelter her too much. (I do, but that’s besides the point!)
Her school is about 6 blocks from where I will be working. So, my plan is to either drop her off at school, or go early and let her walk the six blocks to her school, with her texting me once she gets to school.
I always felt I was not spending as much quality time with her because I was always working to provide. Now I get to spend more time with her and my youngest son, David (16) + my older sons, Sam (24) & Dakota (23).

Reasons for and against accepting the job:
Cons: No summer pay, I have to pay for insurance, I have an extra hour of work more than I did before, I couldn’t take my 1st choice job because the travel time was about an hour each way.

Bonus: I get to spend more time with my children, I make a lot more than I did working at the Catholic School.

That is my post for now, Dear Readers. I am tired since I was out with my friend, Danika, who took me out for an early birfday brunch. So, I will update you more on the interviewing process. It was taxing. Bye for now!

Happy September!!!

Oh, yeah!!! School has started. That means 3 out of 4 of my children are in school. My oldest son is wandering. I’m going to go talk to him about his plans. I understand trying to find yourself, but you have to “find” yourself on your own dime. Sorry if anyone thinks that’s harsh, but he will be 24 years old in October. So, either he needs to go to the service, get a job, or go to school.

That’s that & I’ll deal with it accordingly. I am writing because I am so happy the summer is over. It was one of the toughest summers of my life. I hope to never have a hard summer like this past one. However, I digress. I made it and that’s what’s important.

So, I’ll be writing more now that I am not so preoccupied. Here’s to more posts!

Bye for now!!!

Happy Birthday Dakota!

Dear Readers,

Today is my middle son Dakota’s birthday. Happy Birthday Dakota! He’s 22! I can’t believe it. He was supposed to be born on my birthday, the 27th, but came 3 days early. What a birthday present! I really love this kid. He’s a great son! I knew he would be from the time he was little. I feel really blessed to be his mom!

* I don’t know why this post didn’t post on the 24th!*

What Happened?

Dear Readers,

I’m sure, by now, you’ve heard of the horrific shooting in Connecticut. I am still in shock. It’s all so senseless.

I heard the news as I was going to my school’s Christmas party at the Rectory. The Pre-K teacher told me the horrific news. I couldn’t breathe and nearly passed out.

“Are you serious,” I asked. She told me that she found out by looking at the computer as her students were using it during Choice Time. She said she instantly thought about her family in Connecticut, so she called them to ask what happened.

As I went to the Christmas party I couldn’t concentrate or think straight. Honestly, the likelihood of the shooting happening in Los Angeles, where I live, is much more likely than it happening where it happened in Connecticut. Truth be told, no matter how likely it is, it shouldn’t happen anywhere. I feel for the parents of the children. This is an unspeakable horror that no one should have to endure.

This story hits especially close to home since I am a mother of four and I work in a school which is not in the least secure. In back of my school is Social Services that’s host to many unsavory characters. There’s a small gate, but that does not offer a whole bunch of protection. They could simply jump over it. Sometimes the doors to the school are locked; but most times they are not. I will stop talking about this because it’ll make me want to play hooky from work. I know that many people may not agree, but I also feel for the young man & the family of the young man who committed the murders. They have to live with that legacy of murder, mental illness, and guilt. They have to wonder why they couldn’t have predicted this. Let’s not forget that they lost two family member as well. I know that it was by his own hands after he committed an unspeakable crime, but he was still someone’s son, brother, cousin, etc.

It just makes you wonder WHAT was going through his mind!

I cannot say what was going through his mind, but I can’t help but to wonder what was going through it. What made him want to harm innocent little children? What made him take his own life? Was he then so overcome with grief that he did so after realizing the heinousness of his crime? What happened that made him think this was the solution? I guess no one will ever know!