I’ve Never Encountered This Before, Part 2

So, to continue with the story of Paul, the student who could not consistently identify all of his alphabets, yet read fluently and on grade level with 100% accuracy. That was so puzzling to me. I still can’t figure it out, so I will move on.

Here’s a little update on his progress. He’s making amazing progress. Judging by his progress, I would say that his problem was more than likely lack of instruction & being an Englis Language Learner (ELL). I believe most of his problem stems from lack of instruction because he “gets it” when I explain something to him. Not only that, but he remembers and applies the information.

He’s made progrss with the letters he couldn’t consistently identify & with the identification & application of short vowels. The week after next I will do his monthly progress monitoring. So far, so good though. I’m really excited about his progress. As always I will keep you posted.


Absent Me!

Dear Readers,

Thank you to all the old readers and a hearty welcome to the new ones. I have been awfully busy lately. I have not been posting regularly. No worries though. I will post something in the next couple of hours. Until then, amuse yourselves with the 1500+ posts I’ve produced over the past 5 years.