She Came Back For the Book! (or So Worth It!)

Dear Readers,
I am so excited that one of my 2nd grade students, who I’ll call Lina, is making great progress. Although her comprehension is fine, she has a twin brother, who I’ll call Enrico, whose comprehension is lacking. I’m using sequencing to help him. With her I am using repeated readings. I let her graph her own progress and she was so excited. I asked her a question and led her to the answer.
“Lina,” I asked, “what’s the best way to increase your reading speed?
Of course the answer was to read and read, then read some more.
As an added incentive I let her borrow another one of my books, Horrid Henry. She already has one at home she hasn’t returned. Usually I have them return it before they can check out a new one. However, I didn’t want to squelch all her enthusiasm. So I just told her to return the other one tomorrow. She said she would. Hopefully she will, but if she doesn’t, it’s only one book.
She wants to earn her Pizza Hut reading certificate so I told her to come back after school to check the book out. I was going to print out a Book checkout log, but forgot. That was the reason I told her to come back after school.
So, the whole point of this post was to let you know, Dear Readers, that she didn’t forget to come back and get the book. She came back after school. This is significant because I’m on the other side of the school. That, right there, is what makes teaching worth it!


Finally Found A Suitable Subject!

Dear Readers,
I’ve put off completing my literature review long enough. It is now due by December 31st at the latest. My subject- Meeting the needs of Special Education students in a Catholic school setting. Is that perfect or what?
Now, all I need to do is find at least five articles on the subject. Here’s hoping I find them. As always, I’ll keep you updated. Bye for now!