Be Like Nike…

Okay, this is my beef for the day. In my program, there are a lot of young “intellectual” types. They are working my last nerve. Whenever we are given an assignment, they have to question everything and let the instructor know that they don’t agree with the assignment for whatever reason. Usually it’s a vague, almost hippyish reason why.

These are three of the top reasons that were given for not wanting to do the assignment. I don’t want to do the assignment because:

  1. I am opposed to testing.
  2. I don’t believe that I should invade a student’s privacy by observing them.
  3. I don’t believe in standardized tests.

What am I thinking while all of this whining, complaining and trying to get out the assignment is going on? I’m thinking that they should shut up, be like a Nike commercial and just do it. What is so hard about that? They are so young and don’t understand life. I understand about being inquisitive and not being a drone and doing whatever you’re told, but come on.

One student asked me why didn’t I just buck the system by not buying into all the b.s. “Why don’t you and everyone else stop buying into this massive lie being perpetuated “by the man”, said she of many conspiracies.

Well, according to her, we (as in everyone) are the man because we are governed by the people. So we, as the people, are actually the man. Therefore we are holding ourselves down. For real?

Even though I am diametrically opposed to standardized testing, the assignments are requirements for passing the class. Testing is one of the requirements of teaching. Deal with it!!!!

Do you see what I’m dealing with? I cannot wait to graduate because I am like a Nike commercial, I just do the damn assignments and not complain. I realize that I cannot just buck the system because I have four children that have to do silly things like eat, wear clothes, and have a roof over their head.

Silly me for not bucking the system!!!

And that, my dear sir or madam, is my rant for the day!!!