That’s not baby fat! That’s just fat, baby!

That’s not baby fat, that’s just fat baby!leila-grad.jpg
Those are words from a character on Moesha (I think). And that just about sums up my situation. When my daughter was younger, I could blame my weight gain on having her. Now that she’s 5, what’s my excuse?

It’s time to stop making excuses and get this excess weight off of me. I like to call myself curvaceous, and I am, but some of it is excess curves. I was just over at soupornuts and he had a great post as usual about stepping on his own toes and taking his own advice. In his post, he says that he’s noticed that he put on a little weight, so he is on a quest to do something about that and have asked others to join him. I, for one, am going to join him. Continue reading “That’s not baby fat! That’s just fat, baby!”